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Standard Drone Kit

Standard Drone Kit

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Tool-less Assembly 

High quality eucalyptus laminates with high-precision laser cutting allows many parts to be tightly connected, and all parts are assembled using traditional knives without any tools. You can fly when you put it up! Modular Technology 

The patented electronic module mounting structure enables simple installation and removal of electronic modules without the need for tools and without damaging the board. The installation is simple and even younger children can operate independently. 

Advanced Microprocessor 

Unlike the simple integrated chip that toys usually use, we use a high-performance "Cortex-M3" core professional microprocessor, imported directly from the original factory, acting as the brain of the aircraft, providing us with faster computing speed and higher operational efficiency and more powerful features. 

Adaptive AI Algorithm 

The flight control system uses the adaptive AI algorithm. Whether it is replacing our standard wood frame or the user's own DIY wood frame, the flight control system can automatically detect the overall performance of the drone and optimise the parameters through the AI algorithm to suit the current structure. This makes flight control as stable and comfortable as ever. 

Barometer altitude holding & visual positioning 

The visual positioning sensor intelligently analyses the position information by continuously collecting the ground pattern, and combines the barometer to stably control the height, so that the aircraft can stably hover in the air without touching the remote controller. Flight operations are simpler and aerial photography is no longer blurred. 

Graphical Programming 

Use the easy to use graphical programming software that comes along with your Airwood drone and create simple programs. It's easy and anyone can do it.

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