You may access or use this website or related services (collectively, the "Services") in accordance with the following terms of service and any regulations mentioned in this website (collectively the "Terms of Service"). By using services such as ordering on this site, that mean you agree the terms.


This agreement does not recognize any relationship between you and OZpowers Australia (partnership, partnership, employment, or other forms) and does not entitle to be a representative of OZpowers Australia.


OZpowers Australia reserves the right to change this site, related details and agreements, privacy rules and these Terms of Service at any time. You should visit this site regularly and review the above-mentioned terms and conditions, privacy rules, and updates or changes to these Terms of Service.


1. Registration


You need to register your account for purchase on this site. By signing up for an account, you agree that provide the personal data that must be true, correct, up-to-date, and complete in all respects. For more information on how we use your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


By using this site, for all activities performed in your account. You are responsible for protecting the security of your account and password. If you feel or suspect that someone has stolen or used your account without your permission, please contact us immediately.


2. Prohibitions and violations


If your account execution includes but is not limited to the following activities, we may take relevant actions on your account:


a) Utilize any technology that attempts to hide the use of multiple accounts or disrupt our services in any method


b) Initiate and contains information that is illegal, harmful, intimidating, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, hateful, and may cause ethnic and national disgust


c) promote or send any spam message


d) impersonate or provide any false information


OZpowers Australia reserves the right to terminate any account at its sole discretion. In this case, we will send an email to inform you about the termination of the account.


3. Intellectual property


OZpowers Australia reserves the right to withdraw or modify any service without notice. If this site is unavailable at any time for any reason, we shall not be liable.


4. Third-party links


This website may contain other websites or resources that are not managed or prepared by OZpowers Australia. We do not control these sites and resources and we are not responsible for any loss, damage or allegations arising out of or relating to the use of such sites and resources.


OZpowers Australia shall not be responsible for any content in third-party links, including but not limited to advertisers on this site. The use of third-party websites or resources is at their own risk and subject to the respective use and service terms of such sites.


5. Qualification for purchase


Shop at OZpowers Australia, the following conditions must be met:


a) Aged 18 or above


b) Hold OZpowers Australia as a valid credit or debit card accepted as a payment method and issued by a licensed bank, or hold a valid PayPal account


c) Ensure that the personal and payment information is valid and correct, including email address, real name, telephone number, billing information and other information requested by this website


By ordering products on this site, you recognize the authorization of OZpowers Australia to charge your credit/debit card or PayPal account for the total amount of the order. You also authorize us to use the personal data what you provide to conduct appropriate anti-fraud checks, such as credit checks, and, if necessary, transfer or obtain information about you from third parties. Third parties include, but are not limited to, credit reference agencies or anti-fraud institutions, and such agencies may maintain such information. For more information on how our company uses personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy


All order items are affected by the status of the warehouse supply and confirmation of the order price. Items in the shopping cart are not reserved and may be purchased by other customers.


This site is for personal use only. Customers may not purchase products on this site for resale or any business purposes.


6. Product Description


OZpowers Australia will make every effort to ensure that the contents and product descriptions of this site are accurate and complete. However, we do not guarantee that the content and product descriptions are accurate, complete, current and correct. If you think that OZpowers Australia offers a product that does not match the description, please refer to our return plan.


7. Price


The price indicated on this website is in U.S. dollars. Unless there is a clear error, your order will be accepted on behalf of your agreement to pay the price displayed on this site. We do our best to ensure that all prices shown on this site are accurate, but we cannot guarantee that all prices are correct, and we reserve the right to correct any errors. If we find that the price of any product what you have ordered is incorrect, we will notify you as soon as possible and you may choose to reconfirm or cancel the order. If we fail to contact you, we will treat the order as a cancellation order.


If your credit/debit card is not a U.S. account, the final charge will be based on your account currency and your card issuing bank's applicable exchange rate on the day that processed the transaction.


8. Payment


We accept customers to pay with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.


By using the above credit card/debit card and online payment methods, you are confirming that you are the holder of the credit/debit card or PayPal account or authorized to use it. If your credit/debit card issuer refuses to authorize payment to OZpowers Australia, we will not be responsible for any delays or stop shipping.


Our transaction process achieves the strict international safety standards set by the payment card industry, allowing to create an experience safety and secure shopping process. If you have registered an account with this website and decide to store your credit card information with us, your data will be completely encrypted and used only to process the transaction. In the absence of our negligence, we will not be liable for any loss that you may suffer if any third-party gains unauthorized access to the information that you provided when using our services. 


9. Accept orders


When you enter personal information, payment information and submit orders, we will send you an email to confirm receipt of the order. This email only confirms the order and does not represent acceptance of the order. The latest status of the order can be queried in <My Orders>. Once the status is changed to "Shipping", your order has been accepted and your contract with OZpowers Australia has been completed.


OZpowers Australia reserves the right to reject the orders any time for any reason. Reasons include but are not limited to the following:


a) The item is out of stock, or has been withdrawn because it failed to achieve our quality standards or because one or all of the ordered items are subject to shipping restrictions


b) We find that the price or product description is incorrect


c) We are unable to obtain payment authorization


d) You do not qualify for purchase as set out in the Terms of Service


If there is any problem with your order, our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible.


10. Delivery


When you place an order online, you will receive an email confirmation. OZpowers Australia will do its best to complete the delivery within the estimated time, but it cannot guarantee that it will deliver the products to you within the expected time.


When you pick up the goods, you need to sign and receive a product confirmation. After signing, you begin to take responsibility for the goods. If the consignee or extractor is not the original purchaser, it means that you accept the above-mentioned person's signature as proof of delivery and indicate that OZpowers Australia has completed your order and accepts the relevant transfer of responsibilities. OZpowers Australia reserves the right to update shipping instructions at its own discretion without prior notice.


*Customers must be aware of the import duties and/or taxes and any additional charges for customs clearance are borne by them. OZpowers Australia has no control over these charges and does not assume responsibility for the ordered goods meeting local customs regulations and/or duties and taxes.


11. Return


OZpowers Australia hopes to provide you with the best online shopping experience, so there are return arrangements, refund t can be requested within 7 calendar days:


Replacement products


1) The received product does not match the ordered product and the received product is damaged


Not accept returned products


1) There is no shortage of packaging boxes, signs, and product content (return must be consistent with all accessories and packaging at the time of receipt)


2) Personal reasons for guests, such as buying the wrong goods, buying the wrong colors, and personal inapplicable etc.


3) Damaged products that have been modified and used by guests


4) Some products have been marked not to provide return service


12. Responsibility


OZpowers Australia does not guarantee that the use of this site and services is correct, nor does it guarantee that this site is free of viruses or other harmful components. We recommend that all users of this site ensure that they have installed the latest software, including anti-virus software.


Certain things may occur outside the reasonable supervision of the company, such as bad weather. In these circumstances, OZpowers Australia will endeavor to maintain the service, but will not be liable for any failure to meet the terms of the service.


13. Compensation and waiver


You agree that we shall be exempted from and liable to us, that is, OZpowers Australia (including its employees, directors, agents, associates, approvers and suppliers) to fully compensate for any responsibilities arising from your breach of the terms of service, claims, expenses, damages and losses, including attorney's fees. This includes any person using your account in this site because of your actions or no action.


If you violate the terms of service and we do not take any action, it does not mean that the company waives the exercise of our rights and remedies in violation of other terms of service.


14. Complaints


We have a complaint handling procedure that can be resolved immediately if there is a dispute. If you have related complaints or comments on orders, please contact our customer service team.