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Insta360 X4 Standard Lens Guards

Insta360 X4 Standard Lens Guards

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  • Specialized protection for X4's lenses from dust, scratches, and everyday use.
  • Removable for quick and easy installation and removal.


Standard Lens Guards:Convenient protection, crystal-clear shots.

Custom-molded design:Like wearing nothing at all! A perfect fit provides reliable protection for the X4 lenses.

Clear imaging and quality stitching:Multi-layer coating preserves the camera's optical performance, ensuring pristine images from every angle.

Hassle-free protection:Easy-to-apply Lens Guards that are removable in a pinch. Simply twist the base to remove and reinstall whenever.

  • Avoid using the Lens Guards in water or rain due to the non-sealed structure.
  • To avoid fogging, dry the Lens Guards thoroughly with a soft cloth if they get wet from water, snow or fog.
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