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INSTA360 X4-8K 360º Waterproof Action Camera

INSTA360 X4-8K 360º Waterproof Action Camera

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Capturing 8K ultra-high resolution 360° videos, X4 sets the bar for immersive content creation. Elevate the clarity and smoothness of your adventures with the enhanced5.7K 60fps panoramic video capabilities, ensuring every frame is as crisp as real-life experiences. The action intensifies with 4K100fps slow-motion capabilities, allowing you to savor every thrilling moment in exquisite detail. Transform the way you capture with the single-lens mode, instantly switching to a traditional action camera with a simple tap. Record silky-smooth 4K60fps wide-angle videos with doubled frame rates, or opt for the ultimate expansive vlew with 4K30fps at a staggering 170o ultrawide-angle perspective, ensuring none of your spectacular moments slip by unnoticed。


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