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BLUETTI AC200MAX Solar Generator and 2 B230 External Battery Modules 6144Wh LiFePO4 Battery 2200W AU plug for Home Blackout RV Trip Motorhome Caravan Camp

BLUETTI AC200MAX Solar Generator and 2 B230 External Battery Modules 6144Wh LiFePO4 Battery 2200W AU plug for Home Blackout RV Trip Motorhome Caravan Camp

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BLUETTI solar power generator AC200MAX with external battery module 2*B230, expandable to 6144Wh LiFePO4 battery backup with 4*2200W AC sockets, 12V/30A DC output for camping, outdoors, Motorhomes, off-grid.**Do you feel trouble when you use power tools but don't want to drag an extension cord through the yard? If your electricity bill was charged by a Single Rate, why not make full use of the solar energy with a solar panel? if your electricity bill was charged by Time of Use, a BLUETTI AC200MAX solar generator is important to store the power during Off Peak period, and use the AC200MAX during the Peak Period, you will save much money with it.

[Triple the MAX Power] - AC200MAX features a 2200W pure sine wave inverter (4800W surge) and a 2048Wh high capacity — that combined with 2 x B230 battery modules can boost a 6144Wh in total.

[21 Outputs, Power for All] ;- AC200MAX has 16 versatile outlets, including 4 AC, 1 30A super DC RV outlet, and more. While B230 also works as a standalone power station as it features 100W USB-C, USB-A, and 12V regulated car port.

[Flexible Recharging] - AC200MAX allows up to 900W of solar and 400W via AC. You can even combine those two sources, boost a 1300W total charging rate. B230 also can be charged individually with the AC/solar/car.

[Durable, Powerful] - The ultra-stable lithium phosphate battery and premium BMS ensures 3500+ life cycles to 80% — nearly 5 times the lifespan of the average battery cells.

[What You Get] ;- BLUETTI AC200MAX portable power station, 2 B230 Battery Module, P090A Extension Cable, AC adapter, Solar/Car charging cable, XT90-aviation cable, User manual, official 24-month after-sales customer service.

Specification (AC200MAX)

  • Capacity: 2048Wh
  • Battery type: LiFePO4 (3500+ cycles up to 80%)
  • AC input: 500W max.
  • Solar input: Voc 10-145V, 900W max. / 15A max.
  • AC output: 4 x AC voltage 220-240 V, can be used on Drill / Grill / Blender / Hair Dryer...
  • DC Output: 1 x 12V/30A super DC port for RV, 1 x 12V/10A Auto Car Outlet For Mini Fridge / Food Heater..., 2 x 12V DC5521 for LED Light Strips / CCTV...
  • USB output: 1 x 100W PD, 2 x 18W USB-A, 2 x 5V/3A USB-A for Phone / Laptop...
  • Wireless charging pad : 2 x 15W max (for both) For Smartphone
  • Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 38.65 cm
  • Weight: 28.1kg

Specification (B230)

  • Capacity: 2048Wh
  • Battery type: LiFePO4 (3500+ cycles up to 80%)
  • 1 x Type-C PD: 100W for Phone / Laptop...
  • 1 x USB-A Fast: 18W for Phone / Laptop...
  • 1 x Auto Output Port: Regulated 12V/10A For Mini Fridge / Food Heater...
  • Input: Rechargeable by AC200MAX's AC adapter 400/500W, Also can be charged by solar/car (require D050S)
  • Solar input: 12V60V/10A, 500W Max.
  • Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 22.75 cm
  • Weight: 21.8kg


Q1: How many BLUETTI B300 or B230 expansion batteries can connect with the AC200MAX?

A: Two B300 for 8,192Wh capacity. Two B230 for 6,144Wh capacity.

Q2: Does AC200MAX support App control?

A: Yes. Once connected via Bluetooth, the BLUETTI App will enable you to control the AC200MAX remotely, like switching the working mode and upgrading the firmware.

Q3: Can I use AC200MAX as a UPS?

A: No.

Q4: Is the AC200MAX power station waterproof?

A: No. Also, please do NOT store it in a humid environment for a long time.

Q5: Can I charge and discharge the Bluetti AC200MAX at the same time?

A: Yes.

Q6: What is the maximum input charging power of the BLUETTI AC200MAX?

A: 1,400W Max. Via 500W wall socket and 900W solar panels simultaneously.

Q7: Can I hot-swap expansion batteries to AC200MAX?

A: Yes. You can easily swap battery packs for continuous power use, and the system can hold two batteries at once.

Q8: Is it possible to replace the built-in battery?

A: No. If the battery pack is faulty or even dead, please contact us.

Q9: What is the difference between the AC200MAX and AC200P?

A: The main differences are:

1. Output power and capacity: 2,000W AC power and 2,048Wh capacity for AC200MAX, while 2,000W and 2,000Wh for AC200P.

2. Max. Input: 1,400W for AC200MAX, while 1,200W for AC200P.

3. App Control: AC200MAX supports BLUETTI App control.

Q10: What kind of solar panels should I choose for AC200MAX?

A: PV input requirements for AC200MAX:

1. Open Circuit Voltage: 10-145V

2. Input Power: 900W Max.

3. Include MC4 connectors.

Highly Recommended:

6x BLUETTI PV120: ≈3.5hrs.

4x BLUETTI PV200: ≈3hrs.

2x BLUETTI PV350: ≈3.5hrs.

* For reference ONLY."

Q11: What can the Bluetti AC200MAX Actually Power?

A: The first modular, expandable BLUETTI AC200MAX power station. Packed with an astonishing 2048Wh ultra-durable LFP cells and a 2,200W full power pure sine wave inverter, the AC200MAX can be your mobile recharge center off-the-grid or on the go.

It can be used in most home appliances like Coffee Maker, Electric Grill, refrigerators, Air conditioners, CPAP, Light, Hair Dryer, Blender, kettles, drones, Sweeper, and more.

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